Dell SP2008WFP Monitor User Manual

Page 23

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Reset the OSD menu options to  the factory preset values. 


— Select to exit out of Reset to Factory Settings menu without resetting any OSD options.

Position settings only 

Change the settings for Image Position back to original factory settings.

Color settings only — Change the Red, Green, and Blue settings back to their default factory values. The default settings are as follows,
Color Management: On
Colors Settings Mode: Graphics
Color Presets: Normal Preset

All settings —  Change all the user-adjustable settings including color, position, brightness, contrast and OSD hold time  to the factory 
defaults. The language of the OSD does not change.

IR —   This feature will help reduce minor cases of image retention.

Enable LCD Conditioning: If an image appears to be stuck on the monitor, select LCD Conditioning to help eliminate any image retention.
Using the LCD Conditioning feature may take several hours. Severe cases of image retention are known as burn-in, the LCD Conditioning
feature does not remove burn-in.

Below warning message appears when you select “Enable LCD Conditioning”:

DDC/CI —   Enable the DDC/CI control function.

DDC/CI (Display Data Channel/Command Interface) allows you to adjust the monitor parameters (brightness, color balance, etc) via software
applications on your PC.

Default is "Enable". Select Disable to disable this feature.

For best user experience and optimum performance of your monitor, keep this feature enabled.


NOTE: Use LCD Conditioning only when you experience a problem with image retention.


NOTE: Press any button on the monitor to terminate LCD Conditioning at any time.


NOTE: If user select "Disable", display Warning message box as below. Select "Yes" disable DDC/CI
and return to "Factory Reset" menu. Warning message time-out in 20 sec.