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Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3030 Hardware Installation Guide


Chapter 1 Product Overview

Front Panel Description


The switch has eight LEDs including an LED for each external port, one LED for the console port, and
one LED used by server chassis management board (see

Figure 1-1

). You can use the switch LEDs to

monitor switch activity and performance. Graphical representations of the LEDs described in this
section are visible in the device manager.

System Status/ID LED

The System Status/ID LED is controlled by the server DRAC/MC and shows whether the system is
receiving power and functioning properly.

Table 1-1

lists the LED colors and their meanings.

The chassis controls its own cooling and temperature. The DRAC/MC temperature sensor monitors the
temperature of any modules that are installed in the chassis. The DRAC/MC also controls the chassis fan
speed. The switch does not have its own fan.

Console Port LEDs

The console port LED is either green or amber and displays information about the console port.

Table 1-3

describes the console port LED colors and their meanings.

Table 1-1

System LED


System Status


System is operating normally.

Blinking green

System is receiving power but is not functioning properly.
Log into the DRAC/MC to get more details about the
failure mode.

Table 1-2

Meaning of Console Port LED Colors

LED Color



The bootloader is initializing.

Solid green

The switch module console port is active.

Solid amber

The switch module console port is inactive; the
backplane console is active.

Solid green or amber

Cisco IOS is operating normally.