Preface, Audience, Purpose – Cisco 3030 User Manual

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Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3030 Hardware Installation Guide




This guide is for the networking or computer technician responsible for installing the Cisco Catalyst
Blade Switch 3030—also referred to as the switch—into the Dell Modular Server Chassis—also referred
to as the server chassis. We assume that you are familiar with the concepts and terminology of Ethernet
and local area networking.


This guide describes the hardware features of the Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3030. It describes the
physical and performance characteristics of the switch, explains how to install it, and provides
troubleshooting information.

This guide does not describe system messages that you might receive or how to configure your switch.
For more information, refer to the switch software configuration guide, the switch command reference,
and the switch system message guide on the Product Documentation home page. For
information about the standard Cisco IOS Release 12.1 commands, refer to the Cisco IOS
documentation set from the home page at Service and Support > Technical Documents. On
the Cisco Product Documentation home page, select Release 12.1 from the Cisco IOS Software
drop-down list.


This guide is organized into these chapters:

Chapter 1, “Product Overview,”

is a physical and functional overview of the switch module. It describes

the switch ports, the standards they support, and the switch LEDs.

Chapter 2, “Switch Installation,”

contains the procedures on how to install the switch in the server

chassis and how to make port connections.

Chapter 3, “Troubleshooting,”

describes how to identify and resolve some of the problems that might

arise when installing the switch.

Appendix A, “Technical Specifications,”

lists the physical and environmental specifications for the

switches and the regulatory agency approvals.