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Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3030 Hardware Installation Guide


Chapter 2 Switch Installation

Preparing for Installation

Operating environment is within the ranges listed in

Appendix A, “Technical Specifications.”

Cabling is away from sources of electrical noise, such as radios, power lines, and fluorescent
lighting fixtures. Make sure the cabling is safely away from other devices that might damage the

Airflow around the switch and through the vents is unrestricted.

Temperature around the unit does not exceed 113°F (45°C).

Verifying Package Contents


Carefully remove the contents from the shipping container, and check each item for damage. If any item
is missing or damaged, contact your Cisco representative or reseller for support. Return all packing
material to the shipping container, and save it.

These items ship with your switch module:

Console cable

Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3030 Getting Started Guide

Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3030

Registration card


If the switch modules are ordered with the server chassis, the switch modules are already installed, and
no unpacking is required. The unpacking procedure applies only if a switch module is ordered separately.