Double exposures – Canon VI-T User Manual

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1. First turn the Film Rewind Ring (8)

from its position A Counter-clockwise
as far as it will go.

2. While watching the Film Transport

Indicator, turn the Film Rewind Crank

to the right and stop when the Film

Transport Indicator (19) has made about
one and a half turns.

3. Return the Rewind Ring to position A.

4. Next while pulling the trigger and

using the shutter, a double exposure

can be taken on the same film. By

repeating the same operation, multiple

exposures can be obtained on the same

film. By turning the Film Trans­

port Indicator twice, or more times,
double exposure can be obtained on

two or, if necessary, more sections of

the film. When the shutter is opened

accidentally and the lens cap is still
on, the film can be wound back by

using this method.



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