Using the canon-meter 2 – Canon VI-T User Manual

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In order to obtain the correct exposure time, the Canon-Meter 2 should

be used in this manner:

1. Set the lens aperture scale. 2. Face the camera at the object to be

photographed. 3 Turn the combination shutter dial, which matches the

aperture reading on the meter dial to the needle...the shutter speed is

automatically set.

Conversely, if the shutter dial is first set, the lens aperture will auto­

matically be determined.

The Exposure Indicator Dial is calibrated in ASA and DIN and has two

index scales; one for bright light (white) and the other for poor light

(orange) conditions. Changing the sensitivity of the meter can be done

by shifting the sensitivity lever. The Canon-Meter 2 is attached by-

means of the accessory clip and is easily detached for use separately.

An Incident Light Attachment is provided.

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