Canon VI-T User Manual

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The Canon VI-T and VI-L features the fastest

built-in Rapid Wind mechanism...winds the

film to the next exposure...recocks the shutter.

At the same time, it advances the Film Frame

Counting Dial to the next number.

Pull out the Rapid Wind Trigger (29) from

its bed in the camera base plate and extend

to a vertical position. Pull the trigger the

full length of it.s run. The trigger will auto­

matically return to its original vertical position

when released.

For the last three frames on your film, pull

the Rapid Wind Trigger very gently or you

may tear the film from the spool.

A Canon Rapid Wind Pistol Grip (with

wrist strap) is available as an accessory.

For Model VI-L, one-stroke motion of lever

on top of the camera winds the film, cocks •

the shutter, and advances Film Counter Dial.

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