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The image magnification is changed when the Tri-Position Range Viewfinder Selector

(21) is turned either to the left or the right. You can select any one among the 35, 50,

or Mg selections. Although focusing can be done with any one, when number 35 is

selected, the image in the square frame is identical to what would be obtained with a 35 mm

lens. When number 50 is used, double white frames can

be seen. Within the outer white frame is the 50 mm

image and in the inner white framed area an image

taken by a 100 mm lens can be seen in life size (I : 1).

When at the Mg selection, an exclusive magnified selector


enables long-range viewfinding. At the 50 reading, which



has white frames for 50 mm and 100 mm lenses, the

viewfinder is automatically regulated for parallax cor­


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