Operation – FARBERWARE 104554 6 Qt. Oval Slow Cooker User Manual

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Connect the plug

(10) to a wall outlet (ill.


). The button (18) lights up,

“04:00” and “hi” flashes on the display (16).

Change the temperature setting by pressing the

TeMP button (14).

Change the cooking time by pressing the

(15) or (17) button, to either

increase or decrease the cooking time respectively after setting the time, the

temperature can be changed by pressing the TeMP button (14) repeatedly, the

set time will not be changed.

NoTe: Pressing of any button will emit a signal tone.

Press TeMP button (14)


Default timer/Display

1 time


06:00 / lo

2 times


03:00 / warm

3 times


04:00 / hi

NoTe: Pressing the (15) or (17) button will increase or decrease the cooking

time by increments of 30 minutes respectively. The maximum cooking time is 12

hours, the shortest is 30 minutes.

Press the

button (18) to start the cooking process. The set temperature is

permanently displayed.

NoTe: During the cooking process, the cooking time or temperature can be

adjusted by pressing the respective button. The display will flash for 5 seconds. The

appliance will continue cooking with the new settings and the time counting down.

If the button (18) is pressed after 5 seconds, the appliance will return to stand-by


To stop the cooking process prematurely at any time, press the

button (18).

The time and temperature displayed will reset to “04:00” and “hi” and start


NoTe: During the cooking process, the time displayed will count down until it

reaches one minute.

NoTe: It is recommended to stir the food from time to time to ensure even cooking.

Do not use metal utensils (ill.



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