Operation, Transport – FARBERWARE 104554 6 Qt. Oval Slow Cooker User Manual

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When the set time has reached one minute, the appliance will automatically

switch from the set temperature to “warm”. The display (16) will show “00:00”

and “warm” , with a long signal tone. The displayed time will count up from

“00:00” to “03:00”. After 3 hours, a second long signal tone will sound and the

appliance switches to stand-by mode, “04:00” and “hi” will flash on the display for

3 minutes. If no button is pressed, the display backlight will turn off, while the

button (18) remains illuminated.

Alternatively, press the

button (18) to switch the appliance to stand-by mode

manually. The time and temperature displayed will reset to “04:00” and “hi” and

start flashing.

Disconnect the plug

(10) from the wall outlet (ill.



Remove the lid

(2) and place it on the lid holder (13) (ill.



CAUTIoN: Always use caution when removing the lid (2) from the pot (6). Always

use mittens and ensure to lift the lid (2) so steam is diverted away from you. Allow

the condensed hot water to drip into the pot (6) (ill.


). Only use the handles


With caution serve the prepared food from the pot

(6) (  

Hints and Tips).


The appliance can be used to transport food from one location to another.

Disconnect the plug

(10) from the wall outlet (ill.



Allow some time for the appliance cool.

CAUTIoN: Handle the appliance carefully while the sides are warm.

Lock the lid

(2) by sliding the lid locks (4) in place (ill.



Store the power cord

(10) in the cord storage (9) of the appliance (ill.



NoTe: When transporting the entire appliance, it is recommended to remove the

lid holder (13) form the housing (12) (ill.



NoTe: Never use the lid handle (1) to lift up the locked pot (6). Always handle

the appliance using the handles provided (1, 5, 8) (ill.


). Never exert excessive

downward force on the lid or handles.

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