Industrial Injection LB7 Duramax Dual Feed Line User Manual

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Step 1:
Disconnect the ground cables from the two
batteries and remove the plastic cover plate
from top of engine.

Step 2:
Remove the air intake tubes from air box,
and turbo. Save all parts removed in this step.
Disconnect both intercooler tubes from turbo.
Note: May be easier to remove both
intercooler pipes from engine compartment for
better access.

Step 3:
With all the air-to-air pipes (intercooler tubes) and intake piping out of the way. Unplug all electrical
connections in the valley of the engine and any others that are in the way. Drain the antifreeze from the
radiator and remove the fan belt from the engine.
Note: You will only need to drain out half of the engines coolant.

Step 4:
You will now need to unbolt the A/C compressor. Note: Do not disconnect the A/C compressor lines
from the compressor. Lift the compressor from the bracket leaving the lines connected then lay the
compressor across the passenger side of the engine. Unbolt and remove the alternator from the engine
along with any wires in the way.

Step 5:
After the radiator is drained half way remove the thermostat housing manifold and the upper radiator hose
from the engine. Unhook the coolant lines from the turbo to the thermostat housing. Set them aside.
Discard the O-rings that seal the thermostat in the housing.
Note: Leave both thermostats in the engine or plug the holes with clean rags.

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