Industrial Injection LB7 Duramax Dual Feed Line User Manual

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Remove the pressure spring from the stock plug and press it onto the new high-pressure fitting.
(figures 5-6) Using a mirror make sure the checkball is in the pump before installing the pressure fitting.
Once you have verified the ball is in the pump you can proceed with installation of the fitting. If the
checkball is not in the pump, using white lube/grease, stick it to the end of the pressure valve. Make sure
it does not fall off as you install it into the pump. (figures 7-8)

(figure 7) (figure 8)

Step 9:
Attach the high-pressure fuel line to the new fitting on the injection pump and tighten securely. (figure 9)
Place rubber heat protection PN# DDF-004 around the high-pressure fuel line. Use the plastic zip ties to
secure the protection cover to the fuel line. Run the high-pressure fuel line out of the injection pump up
and in-between the turbo compressor housing and cylinder head. (figure 10) Make sure the rubber
protection hose is completely protecting the high-pressure hose from rubbing on the compressor housing,
cylinder head, or any other engine components.

(figure 9) (figure 10)
With the hose attached to the injection pump, tightened, and remove the clean rags from the intake holes
on the cylinder heads. Replace the intake manifold and secure it back to the engine.

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