Industrial Injection LB7 Duramax Dual Feed Line User Manual

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Step 10:
Remove the pressure relief valve from the junction block and replace with the high-pressure inlet fitting
PN# DDF-003. (Figures 11-13) Reinstall the junction block to the engine. Replace all fuel lines to and
from junction block to rail and injection pump.

(figure 11) (figure 12) (figure 13)

Step 11:
Route the high-pressure fuel line around the intake and back into the new high-pressure inlet fitting on the
junction block. (figure 14) Bend the stock pressure relief valve return line toward the front of the engine.
After the high-pressure fuel line is installed and tightened, using the stock banjo bolt and pressure relief
valve, reinstall and leave it hanging. (figure 15)

(figure 14) (figure 15)
Step 12:
Reconnect any electrical connections and unhooked hoses. Replace the black rubber thermostat sealing o-
rings PN# DDF-005. Reassemble the thermostat manifold to the engine, reconnect the upper radiator
hose to radiator, reinstall the A/C compressor and the alternator. Reinstall all inter cooler tubes and any
hoses left unhooked. (figures 16-17)

(figure 16) (figure 17)

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