Industrial Injection LB7 Duramax Dual Feed Line User Manual

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Remove all fuel lines and fuel line brackets from the injection pump to the junction block assembly.
Unbolt the junction block assembly from the mounting bracket and remove the t-block for modification.
As seen in (Figures 1-2)

(figure 1) (figure 2)

Remove the aluminum intake manifold from
both of the cylinder heads by removing the four
nuts and bolts holding it to each cylinder head.
(figure 3) Set these parts aside for reassembly.
Put clean rags in each intake cylinder hole
to keep dirt and debris out.

(figure 3)

Installation of the high-pressure outlet fitting PN# DDF-002
Step 8:
In the common rail injection pump start by using a T-50 torques bit. Place the bit in the plug located on
the bottom of the injection pump under the gear pump. (figure 4) Note: Tap torques bit with hammer a
few times before removing to prevent the plug from being stripped.
Using a mirror watch for the checkball in the pump, it will stay in the pump or fall into the valley as plug
is removed. The checkball will be reused.

(figure 4) (figure 5) (figure 6)

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