Supplier lookup, Credit note detection, Extraction – Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack 1.0 User Manual

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Chapter 1


Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack – Getting Started Guide

Modules project class, which allows it to run country-specific invoice rules,
such as special tax rates.

Supplier Lookup

During classification, there is some additional processing that performs a
lookup against the supplier database in an attempt to find information about
the supplier on the invoice. This information can be used to retrieve supplier
specific regular expressions (see “Extraction” section below), as well as to
confirm locale.

Credit Note Detection

During classification, the solution checks for common keywords that indicate
whether the document being processed is a credit note. If a credit note
keyword is found the document is flagged as such so that a validation operator
can perform any additional processing.


Multiple steps are taken during extraction to find the correct value for a given
field. The behavior for most fields follows the following patterns.

Generic Knowledge Base

The first locators that run to find header information are the generic
knowledge bases. These knowledge bases are trained on a wide selection of
invoices for a given locale, in order to give the solution the best possible chance
of getting the required information.

Specific Knowledge Base

Specific knowledge bases allow the system to learn over time and constantly
improve recognition rates. If a document has been marked for online learning
during validation, the system stores information on where to find keywords
for invoices of a certain type.

Regular Expressions

Many of the fields use regular expressions to find all possible results for a
given field. In the case of date and amount fields, the results of these regular
expressions are used purely as feeders into other locators.