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How to Use This Guide


Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack – Getting Started Guide

How to Use This Guide


This guide introduces the Kofax Invoice Pack which provides a generic invoice
processing capability for the Kofax Transformation Modules. The Invoice Pack
enables high-performance extraction of invoice header information, with minimal
change or configuration, and without requiring an in-depth knowledge of the Kofax
Transformation Modules. This guide also covers how to install and configure your
Invoice Pack.

This guide assumes that you have a thorough understanding of Windows, as well as
experience with Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules. Some
knowledge of XML files and regular expressions is also expected.

Related Documentation

This section contains information about related documentation included with Kofax
Transformation Modules and Invoice Pack.

Kofax Transformation Modules

The following documents are included within Kofax Transformation Modules.

Installation Guide for Kofax Transformation Modules

This installation guide is provided as a separate document in the Kofax
Transformation Modules software package. The installation guide provides
instructions for installing Kofax Transformation Modules. In addition, it contains
information about implementing your installation, certified operating systems, and
other system requirements.