Additional features, Error handling, Localized logging – Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack 1.0 User Manual

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Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack – Getting Started Guide


Additional Features

As well as enhancements to the basic Kofax Transformation Modules
configuration, there are some additional features available to users of the
Invoice Pack.

Financial Amounts Resolver

The UK Invoice Pack includes a new feature which allows the tax on invoices
with early payment discounts to be extracted correctly. The default
functionality cannot handle this case, because the tax amount appears to be less
than the standard rate.

Error handling

All methods and functions in the Invoice Pack are covered by an external error
handling routine which ensures all unrecoverable errors are logged in the
Kofax Capture logging directory.

Localized Logging

Any errors are logged to the Kofax Capture logging directory, with the error
messages fully localized.

Kofax E-Transactions interface

The Invoice Pack is ready to integrate with the Kofax E-Transactions product,
which adds the capability to process electronic invoices. For more information
on this product, see