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Page 12: Localized error messages

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Chapter 1


Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack – Getting Started Guide

The Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack validation form has the
following enhancements.

Specific Knowledge Bases

The Invoice Pack is pre-configured to use specific knowledge bases. This
allows the Kofax Transformation Modules to learn where information can be
found given a particular document layout. In order to use this functionality,
the validation operator needs to click the “Make available for online learning”
button on the toolbar when they have finished validating a document which
was incorrectly extracted.

Database Lookup Integration

The validation form includes information on the supplier associated with the
invoice. This information can be modified by the user with a look-up to the
supplier database. The form has three buttons for this purpose.

The Alternatives button lists all possible alternatives suppliers found during

The Search button opens a search window to manually find a supplier.

The No Match button uses the blank record within the supplier database to
indicate that the supplier does not exist .

The operator can also search by typing any look-up information in the supplier
ID field before pressing the enter key or using the Search button.

Localized Field Names

For each Invoice Pack, field names on the validation form are localized.

Localized Error Messages

The validation error messages are localized, and the language used can be set
to any of the supported languages during configuration.