User guide for kofax transformation modules, Help, Scripting help – Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack 1.0 User Manual

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How to Use This Guide

Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack – Getting Started Guide


User Guide for Kofax Transformation Modules

This user guide gives an overview of Kofax Transformation Modules. It contains
information about the modules and how to use them as well as detailed information
about the technology provided by Kofax Transformation Modules.


Kofax Transformation Modules Help is available from the application components as


From any of the Kofax Transformation Modules components, click Help from
the toolbar or select Help|Contents (or Index) from the menu bar.


From any application window, click Help to display context sensitive Help
information for the window.

Scripting Help

Information about scripting is available from the Help menu of any Project Builder
interface that allows you to write or access scripts. Select Help and then the desired
help component.

Kofax Transformation Modules Release Notes

Late-breaking product information is available from the release notes. You should
read the release notes carefully, as they contain information that may not be included
in other Kofax Transformation Modules documentation.

Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack

The following documents are included within Kofax Transformation Modules
Invoice Pack.

Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack Configuration Guide

This guide gives an in-depth view into the functionality offered in the Invoice Pack.
This is intended for people who wish to make significant changes or additions to the
standard functionality, and is suitable for advanced users only.

The guide includes in-depth information on the locators, scripting and external DLLs
used to enhance Kofax Transformation Modules’ invoice processing, as well as
giving information on how to modify or add functionality.