Validate supplier match, Database settings – Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack 1.0 User Manual

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Chapter 3


Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Pack – Getting Started Guide


To configure Allow Empty Fields


Open the config.xml file using any text editor.


Locate the element <InvoiceDate…/>.


Edit the element attribute AllowEmptyField ="false"


Enter true or false within the quotes.


Save the file.


Test your changes and modify as necessary.

Database Settings

A database containing a list of suppliers is used by the Invoice Pack solution to
check for a locale and supplier information. The format of the database is a list
of comma-separated variables stored under the specific locale installation for a
given Invoice Pack. For example, the en_GB (UK English locale identifier)
supplier database can be found under the chosen install location as follows:


The fields and structure of the database are fixed. If you are comfortable with
CSV files and wish to update the database with supplier specific information,
then either:

1. Manually edit the file to add the key information.
2. Export data from another supplier database as a CSV file.

In both cases, it is essential that the header row of the database file be retained
as well as the field order.

Validate Supplier Match

When supplier details are found on the invoice document, Invoice Pack will
use fuzzy logic to find the closest match possible within the supplier database.
This provides an enhanced capability to find the correct supplier when there is
limited data available from the invoice document.