Cisco OL-5742-01 User Manual

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Cisco Signaling Gateway Manager User Guide


Chapter 18 Configuring SGM Security

Configuring SGM User-Based Access


If sgm authtype is set to solaris, you cannot use the sgm userpass
command. Instead, you must manage passwords on the external
authentication servers.

Step 5

(Optional) To change a user’s authentication level and password, enter the
following command:

# ./sgm updateuser username

where username is the name of the user.


If sgm authtype is set to solaris, you must be logged in as the root user,
not as a super user, to enter this command.

SGM prompts you for the new authentication level. Valid levels are:

1—Basic User

2—Power User

3—Network Operator

4—Network Administrator

5—System Administrator

For more information about authentication levels, see the

“Configuring SGM User

Authentication Levels (Solaris Only)” section on page 18-6


If sgm authtype is set to local, SGM also prompts you for the user’s new
password. When setting the password, follow the rules and considerations in the

“Creating Secure Passwords” section on page 18-5