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Cisco Signaling Gateway Manager User Guide


Chapter 18 Configuring SGM Security

Implementing SSL Support in SGM

Launching the SGM Certificate Tool for SSL

If you have implemented Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support in your SGM
system, you can launch the SGM Certificate Tool for SSL. The SGM Certificate
Tool dialog lists all SSL certificates that have been imported by the SGM client,
and enables you to import, export, and display detailed information about SSL

To launch the SGM SSL Certificate Tool, use one of the following procedures:

In Solaris, log in as the root user and enter the following commands:

# cd /opt/CSCOsgm/bin

# ./sgm certgui

See the

“sgm certgui” section on page C-15

for more information.

In Windows, select Start > Programs > Cisco SGM Client > SGM SSL
Certificate Tool

SGM displays the SGM Certificate Tool dialog (

Figure 18-1