Displaying a message of the day – Cisco OL-5742-01 User Manual

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Chapter 18 Configuring SGM Security

Configuring SGM User-Based Access


Cisco Signaling Gateway Manager User Guide


Step 6

(Optional) To change a user’s authentication level, but not the user’s password,
enter the following command:

# ./sgm newlevel username

where username is the name of the user.

SGM prompts you for the new authentication level. Valid levels are:

1—Basic User

2—Power User

3—Network Operator

4—Network Administrator

5—System Administrator

For more information about authentication levels, see the

“Configuring SGM User

Authentication Levels (Solaris Only)” section on page 18-6


Displaying a Message of the Day

SGM enables you to display a user-specified SGM system notice called the
message of the day (

Figure 18-1

). You can use the message of the day to inform

users of important changes or events in the SGM system. The message of the day
also gives users an opportunity to exit the SGM or GTT client before launching.

If the message of the day is enabled, it is displayed whenever a user attempts to
launch an SGM or GTT client:

If the user accepts the message, the client launches.

If the user declines the message, the client does not launch.

To display the Message of the Day dialog, use one of the following procedures:

Launch the SGM or GTT client. If there is a message of the day, the Message
of the Day dialog is displayed.

Select View > Message of the Day from the SGM Main Menu.

Select the SGM server name in the bottom right corner of the SGM Main