Basic user (level 1) access – Cisco OL-5742-01 User Manual

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Cisco Signaling Gateway Manager User Guide


Chapter 18 Configuring SGM Security

Configuring SGM User-Based Access


Access to SGM information and downloads on is already protected by, and is not protected by SGM.

To configure the authentication level for a user, use the sgm adduser command,
as described in the

“Implementing SGM User-Based Access (Solaris Only)”

section on page 18-2

, or the sgm updateuser or sgm newlevel command, as

described in the

“Enabling and Changing Users and Passwords (Solaris Only)”

section on page 18-16


Basic User (Level 1) Access

Basic Users can view SGM data, load SGM files, and use SGM drill-down menus.

Basic Users have access to the following SGM functions:

Connecting to a new server

Applying changes to views

Loading the DEFAULT view and existing views, but not saving them

Editing, loading, and applying preferences files, but not saving them

Viewing and manipulating the topology map, and saving it as a JPEG, but not
saving icon locations

Viewing network objects, events, details, and notes

Viewing the ITP home page

Loading existing event filters, but not saving them

Printing SGM windows

Launching CiscoWorks2000

Basic Users have access to the following SGM Web displays:

Server Home Page


Network Status