Configuring sgm user – Cisco OL-5742-01 User Manual

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Chapter 18 Configuring SGM Security

Configuring SGM User-Based Access


Cisco Signaling Gateway Manager User Guide


The password cannot be a common word. SGM uses the dictionary located at
/usr/lib/share/dict/words to determine whether a word is common. To
override the SGM dictionary, change the DICT_FILE entry in the file:

To disable the SGM dictionary and allow common words, change the
DICT_FILE entry to:


To use a custom dictionary, change the DICT_FILE entry to:


where new-dictionary is the path and filename of the custom dictionary
file, such as /users/rolive/words. Each line in the custom dictionary must
contain a single word, with no leading or trailing spaces.

Configuring SGM User Authentication Levels (Solaris Only)

This section describes the user authentication levels in SGM, and the SGM
functions and Web displays available at each level:

Basic User (Level 1) Access, page 18-7

Power User (Level 2) Access, page 18-8

Network Operator (Level 3) Access, page 18-8

Network Administrator (Level 4) Access, page 18-9

System Administrator (Level 5) Access, page 18-9

The authentication level that includes a function is the lowest level with access to
that function. The function is also available to all higher authentication levels. For
example, a System Administrator also has access to all Network Administrator

Authentication levels are based on the function to be performed, not on the target
object. Therefore, if a user can perform a function on one SGM object (such as
deleting a node), the user can perform the same function on all similar SGM
objects (such as deleting a signaling point or linkset).