Check the balance of the model – Flyzone HCAA24 User Manual

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❏ 3. By moving the right control stick left, the left
aileron must move up and the right aileron must
move down. If they do not, change the position of
the aileron servo reversing switch on the transmitter.
When the right stick is moved all the way to the left,
the trailing edge of the left aileron at the inward
side should move up 3/16" [5mm]. When the right
side stick is moved all the way to the right, the left
aileron should move down 3/16" [5mm].

❏ 4. The set screw in the prop adapter should be
checked and tightened before each fl ight.

❏ 5. To start the motor, the throttle stick must fi rst
be “OFF”, all the way down when switching on
the transmitter and plane. Then move the stick all
the way up and hold it there for 5 seconds. Then
return the stick down. This will “arm” the motor.
The motor will now operate when the throttle stick
is moved up. NOTE: Arming the motor must be
done each time after the airplane has been turned
OFF! (Arming of the motor is a sefety feature that
prevents inadvertant starting of the motor if the
transmitter is switched on with the throttle stick in
any position other than full off.)


Note: Although your J-3 Cub comes balanced from
the factory, the balance point should be confi rmed
using the following procedure. This section is VERY
important and should NOT be omitted. A model
that is not properly balanced will be unstable and
possibly unfl yable.

❏ 1. After the battery pack is charged, open the battery
hatch. Insert the battery pack inside the fuselage. Do
not plug the battery pack into the connector inside
the fuselage. Close the battery hatch.