Flyzone HCAA24 User Manual

Page 4

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❏ 1. Remove the two nuts and washers on the
bottom aft end of the fuselage. Then, remove the
fi n holder from the fuselage.

❏ 2. Insert the two threaded rods of the fi n holder
through the stabilizer, making sure that the white
control horn is on the bottom.

❏ 3. Reinstall the fi n holder with the stabilizer onto
the fuselage. Reinstall the two washers and the
two nuts on the threaded rods. Use the included
wrench to tighten the nuts, being careful to not
crush the foam

❏ 4. Remove the two screws in the fi n holder and
insert the fi n into the fi n holder. Reinstall the two
screws to secure the fi n to the holder. Be careful to
not overtighten the screws.


❏ 1. Install the antenna into the transmitter by
screwing it on until tight.

❏ 2. The transmitter is the unit that controls your
airplane and requires of eight good quality “AA”
batteries. To install the batteries, remove the
battery hatch on the back of the transmitter.