Flyzone HCAA24 User Manual

Page 7

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ATTENTION: The product you have
purchased is powered by a rechargeable
battery. At the end of the battery’s
useful life, under various state and local
laws, it may be illegal to dispose of this

battery into the municipal waste system. Check
with your local solid waste offi cials for details in
your area for recycling options or proper disposal.
WARNING: This product contains a chemical known
to the State of California to cause cancer.


❏ 1. The receiver is secured to the fuselage with hook
and loop material. Pull the receiver free and plug
the aileron servo lead from the wing into Channel
“1” with the white wire facing up (the channels are
numbered on the bottom of the receiver). Push the
receiver back onto the hook material.

❏ 2. At the front edge of the wing are two small posts.
Position the wing on the top of the fuselage and slide

the wing forward, inserting the posts in the holes
on the fuselage. Fasten the wing to the fuselage with
the large screw. The screw should be tight enough
to hold the wing snug against the fuselage, yet not
crush the wing. Do not over-tighten.

❏ 3. Turn the plane over and attach the wing struts
to the battery tray using two small screws. The arm
of the wing strut that goes towards the front of the
wing is marked with an arrow. Attach the other end
of the wing struts to the wing using a small screw
at the back edge of the wing and a medium screw
at the front edge. Repeat this procedure forth e
other wing. Important: The Piper J-3 Cub must
never be fl own without the wing struts attached.
The wing struts help support the wing.