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Just as the NexSTAR 46 forever changed the perception of glow-powered ready-to-fl y trainers, the NexSTAR EP is doing the same
for electrics. It has all the innovations of the original NexSTAR, offering more assistance for fi rst-time pilots than any other plane.
And motor power means the NexSTAR EP is also the cleanest and quietest way to learn to fl y!

The included Futaba® 6EXA radio is the perfect fl ight system to start and stay with. It doubles as the controller for the supplied
NexSTAR EP CD ROM fl ight simulation software — so that the skills you learn while practicing at your PC translate directly into
improved ability at the fl ying fi eld. And, it has a built-in trainer system so you can share control with an instructor until you’re
comfortable fl ying solo.

For power, Hobbico includes the ElectriFly™ RimFire™ 42-50-800 out-runner brushless motor, which rivals glow engines for
performance. And numerous patented design features — such as PivotFlex™ wing mounting, the Easy Align™ tail mounting
system, and SnapGear™ quick landing gear mounts — make perfect fi nal assembly a sure thing. HCAA09**

Learn more about the NexSTAR EP (including how Hobbico literally guarantees your success)

by visiting www.hobbiconexstar.com today!

Wingspan: 68.5 in (1740 mm)
Wing Area: 722 in² (46.6 dm²)
Weight: 7-8.5 lb (3175-3855 g)
Wing Loading: 22-27 oz/ft² (68-83 g/dm²)
Length: 56 in (1410 mm)
Includes: 6EXA computer radio w/3 servos & trainer system,

PA-2 fl ight stabilization system, electronic speed
control, RimFire™ 42-50-800 out-runner brushless
motor, APC 10x5E prop, RealFlight™ NexSTAR
simulator software and interface

Requires: (2) 9.6V 3600mAh NiMH batteries, peak charger

The ultimate electric fl ight training model.

Success is guaranteed!