Flyzone HCAA24 User Manual

Page 11

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❏ 2. Place marks on the bottom of the wing 1-1/2”
[38mm] and 1-3/4” [44mm] back from the front of the
wing, next to the left and right sides of the fuselage.
Turn the airplane right side up. Try to balance the
airplane on your fi nger tips, between the marks. This
is where the model should balance. We also found
that most of our test models balanced at this point
out of the box without having to add weight to the
nose or tail. If it does not balance at these marks,
weight will need to be added to the nose or tail. At
most hobby shops, you can purchase stick-on lead
weight made specifi cally for balancing airplanes.


The Tactic

transmitter is equipped with a trainer

system that, when used with another Tactic or
Futaba® transmitter, can transfer airplane control
to a second pilot for learning purposes.

To use the trainer system, the FUTM4415 Trainer
Cord must be purchased. Connect the trainer
cord to the trainer port on the back of the Tactic
radio and the other end to another Tactic or Futaba
radio. The transmitter that came with the J-3 Cub
is the master radio and must always be turned on
during training. The second Tactic or Futaba radio
is the slave radio and must always be powered
off during training. Before fl ying the J-3 Cub
with the training function, confi rm that the slave
radio operates the control surfaces in the correct
directions. If not, adjust the servo reversing
switches on the slave radio accordingly.

When the trainer switch is activated and held
in the forward position on the master radio,
control will be transferred to the slave radio