Flyzone HCAA24 User Manual

Page 5

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❏ 3. Pull the battery holder out of the transmitter
case and install eight new “AA” batteries, following
the diagram on the holder.

❏ 4. Insert the battery holder in the transmitter case
so that the two contacts on the battery holder align
with the contacts in the transmitter case. Reinstall
the battery hatch on the transmitter case.

❏ 5. Switch on the transmitter and check the LED
on the front of the transmitter. The LEDs keep

you informed of the amount of battery power
remaining during fl ying. When all three LEDs are
illuminated, it is safe to fl y. As battery power is
depleted, the green and yellow LEDs will go out.
When only the red LED is illuminated, land your
J-3 Cub and install fresh batteries.



The Tactic 4-channel transmitter is equipped
with a charge jack that will allow you to
use a rechargeable NiCd battery pack and
charge it directly through the transmitter.
For a rechargeable pack that works with
this transmitter, use part number FUTM1450
Transmitter NiCd 9.6V 500mAh.

A charge lead and an appropriate charger will also
be required. For an economical multi-purpose
charger, use HCAP0100 R/C Multi-Charger. For
charge leads, use HCAP0101 Tx/Rx Charge leads.