Intellijel Corgasmatron (draft) User Manual

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Corgasmatron Manual v1.0

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1- FREQ - Cutoff frequency of
the filter. This sets the center
frequency of the filter.

2- Xfader section. XFADE
position knob, CV polarity
switch and Xfade direction
switch. The Xfade knob acts
as cross fader in Parallel
configuration and using MIX
out if nothing is plugged into
the Xfade jack. Once patched
the Xfade knob becomes a
CV attenuator.

3- Q is also referred to as
resonance. Depending on
input gain moving this knob
past 1 oʼclock will cause the
filter to start oscillating.

4- Q-DRIVE - is the level of
the resonance. This control is
also used to alter the timbre
of the resonant sound if the
filter is self oscillating.

5- FM1 - Unipolar attenuator
for FM1 input.

6- IN A - Input attenuator controls the level into the filter. For classic tone keep this below 12
oʼclock. Higher gain will suppress the resonance of the filter and change its tone. The
combination of IN A level, Q and Q Drive knobs can alter the tone of the filter dramatically
from sweet to scathing - experiment!

7- FM2 - Bi-polar attenuator for FM2 input. This is a center detent knob. Turning the knob
CCW will apply inverted CV, turning the knob CW will apply positive CV.

8- Filter mode switch. The three modes are 1 pole High Pass, 1 pole Notch, 2 pole Low Pass

9- Input and output jacks. Outputs are surrounded by a black outline.