Intellijel Corgasmatron (draft) User Manual

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Patch Examples

Example 1 - Classic Style Variable Band Pass Filter

Corgasmatron Manual v1.0

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This patch shows the most common dual filter mono synthesizer patch. High pass VCF
goes into low pass VCF providing a variable width band pass filter. Use normals on the
1v/oct A and FM2 A CV inputs to control both filters at once,

Set the Corgasmatron to Serial mode. Audio input goes into IN A. Audio output comes
from MIX. Patch according to the chart above to create the classic VCO-VCF-VCA voice.

-Patching a CV controller such as a joystick into FM2 A and setting both FM2 knobs to the
same setting will enable you to control both filter cutoffs simultaneously.

-Use FM1 inputs for both filters for different modulation, such as velocity to VCF B.

-Use the Q on VCF A to give a bass boost. Adjust the FREQ knob while playing you
keyboard until the filter begins to boost desired frequencies. The filter will track the notes
on your keyboard if the 1v/oct input is patched to your keyboard 1v/oct CV out.