Intellijel Corgasmatron (draft) User Manual

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3 - Power connector. Ten pin power connector which conforms to the Eurorack standard. -12V
on the board must be connected to -12V on your bus board. -12V is commonly referred to as
the red stripe.
It is very important that the power connector is not connected in reverse! Although no
damage will be done to the Corgasmatron other modules may be damaged by reversing this

4 - Expansion header for filter B. A VCA inserted between the pins labeled Q will enable VC
control over Q.

5 - 1V/oct Adjustment of filter A and B. Although these are calibrated at the factory vibrations
during shipping, variance between power supply voltages and component tolerances changing
over time can cause the filter to move out of tune. Use this trimmers to calibrate the 1V/oct
response of the filter if you need to. See page 6 for the tuning procedure.

6 - 2 - jumper, Q behavior selection filter B. See 2 on the previous page for more information.

7 - Expansion header for filter B. See 4 for more information.

Corgasmatron Manual v1.0

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