Self test facility – Kannad Marine Rescuer 2 SART User Manual

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6. Self test facility

Regular testing of the SART is advised. The duration of the test should be limited to
as short a time as possible as the SART response may be received by other vessels
which are within range.

There are no operational differences between TEST and ON modes; the rotary switch
must be held in the TEST position, on release it returns to the OFF position.

1. Ensure compliance with all applicable Health and Safety instructions when

working in proximity to a radar transmitter.

2. Locate the SART within the line of sight of operating approved marine Radar.
3. Rotate the switch ring anticlockwise (i.e. to the right) to the TEST position, and

hold it in this position for a minimum of 30 seconds.

a) If the SART responds to the radar, the red light in the base of the SART will

be continuously lit and the buzzer will sound every 2 seconds. Ensure the
SART meets this requirement for the full 30 seconds.

b) If the SART does not respond to the radar, the red light will flash every 2

seconds and the buzzer will not sound.

If the SART does not respond to the radar for the full 30 seconds it has failed the

4. Switch off the SART by releasing the switch ring; check that it returns fully to the

OFF position.

5. During the annual survey, perform the self test and verify the SART performance

by observing the response on the radar.

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