Warning, Transportation – Kannad Marine Rescuer 2 SART User Manual

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This SART is an emergency device for use only in situations of
grave and imminent danger.


False alarms cost lives and money. Help to prevent them;
understand how to activate and disable your equipment.


Read the complete manual before installing, testing or using the


The SART contains no user serviceable parts. Return to your dealer
for service.


Dispose of this device safely. Contents include Lithium batteries;
do not incinerate, puncture, deform or short-circuit.


This device emits radio frequency radiation when activated.
Because of the levels and duty cycles, such radiation is not classed
as harmful. However, it is recommended that you do not hold the
radome while the SART is activated.


If the security tab is broken, the SART is not compliant with SOLAS
regulations and must be repaired or replaced.


The SART contains a primary non-rechargeable Lithium battery, and may have
special transportation requirements depending on local and international
regulations in force at the time.

The battery pack contains 6.2g Lithium in total. Transport the SART in
compliance with applicable regulations for this mass of hazardous material.

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