End of life statement, 1 battery removal, 1 disposal – Kannad Marine Rescuer 2 SART User Manual

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End of Life Statement

At the end of the SART

’s useful life, it is vital that the battery be disconnected from the

main unit to prevent false alarms. False alarms cause expensive disruption to Search
and Rescue services and may endanger lives as a consequence. It is also necessary
that the SART and its battery pack be disposed of in a manner that does not present a
threat of environmental damage.

16.1 Battery Removal

To disconnect the battery, turn the SART over and remove the three battery retaining
screws using a cross headed screwdriver. Gently prise the battery from the main unit;
Note that this will also release the

‘O’ ring seal. Cover the terminals of the battery

pack with sticky tape to prevent inadvertent short-circuiting.

16.1 Disposal

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive aims to minimise
any adverse impact of electronic equipment on the environment, both during the
product lifetime and when it becomes waste. Within the European Union this
legislation is mandated by Directive 2002/96/EC, and there is similar legislation in
most other continents. The directive applies to all electronic products such as IT,
household appliances, portable electronics etc., and imposes requirements to collect,
treat, recover and recycle each product at its end of life. Electronic end-user products
must also carry a WEEE label (as below) and recovery and recycling information has
to be provided to the recycler.

This SART product contains traces of lithium in the battery pack. In addition it may
contain lead and brominated flame retardants (BFRs), both in the housing material
and circuit boards.
In keeping with the directive, Kannad Marine strongly recommends that this SART
product and its battery pack be disposed of in a sensible and considerate manner. For
example, do not simply discard the product in the domestic waste. Instead take it to a
civil recycling facility, or contact Kannad Marine for advice.