Installation – Kannad Marine Rescuer 2 SART User Manual

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3. Installation

The preferred mounting location is inside the vessel, and protected from the elements,
usually on the ship

’s bridge wing. The SART should be mounted where it will not get

in the way of day-to-day operations, but where it can readily be accessed near an
emergency exit in the event it is needed.

Do not install the SART within the ship's radar beam.

Fix the mounting bracket to a bulkhead in a convenient location. The recommended
fixing is by M5 marine grade stainless steel (e.g. A4/316) bolts; length is dependent
upon application. The bolts should be secured with either stainless steel locking nuts
or stainless steel nuts with stainless steel shake proof washers.

Mount the SART, dome uppermost, onto the bracket by locating the lugs on the SART
pole mount into the slots in the bracket. Push the SART down firmly into place.

Figure 1
Bracket mounting holes: 4 holes, 5.5mm diameter

NOTE: Safe compass distance 1.5m.