General description – Kannad Marine Rescuer 2 SART User Manual

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1. General Description

The SART (

Search And Rescue Transponder) is designed for survivor location during

search and rescue operations.

Supplied as one integral unit. This is normally mounted in a bulkhead bracket
(supplied) which is used to stow the unit on the mother vessel. On abandoning to a
the SART can be carried in one hand off the stricken vessel and mounted through a
port in the canopy of the using the telescopic pole.

The main body of the SART is high visibility orange thermoplastic, attached to the
sealed replaceable battery pack by stainless steel fastenings. The joint is sealed
against water ingress by an O-ring.

Operation is by a rotating switch ring providing ON, OFF and TEST functions. The ON
position is reached by breaking a security tab. The switch ring is spring loaded so that
it returns automatically from the TEST position.

The Lithium battery is fitted with internal overload protection and has a five year
storage life. Non-reversible electrical connections are provided in the SART body and
battery pack to facilitate battery replacement.

Each SART carries a unique serial number and this can be located on the label
affixed to the orange body.

Supplied with or without mast. The SART is normally packed as part of the
equipment. The mast version is mounted in the same manner as the carry-off version.
The version without the mast is intended to be hung from the highest point inside the .

The SART itself is identical with the carry-off version.