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Kindle User’s Guide


Chapter 1 Getting Started

Clip This Article button: Tap to clip an entire periodical article to the My Clippings file.
The My Clippings file is located on your Home screen and stores your notes, bookmarks,
highlights, and clipped articles.

Audiobook toolbar
A second toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen when you open an audiobook:

Progress Bar: Displays your progress within chapters, time elapsed, and the time remaining
for the book.

Previous and Next Chapter buttons: Tap to navigate between chapters.

30-second buttons: Tap to jump forward or back in 30-second increments from your current

Undo button: Tap to revert to your last position in the book.

Play and Pause buttons: Tap to play and pause the audiobook.

Volume Slider and Speaker buttons: Tap the slider or the speaker buttons to adjust volume.

Status indicators

At the top of the Home screen, you’ll see indicators that inform you about the status of your
Kindle Touch. To view these indicators within a book or document, tap the top of the screen
to display the toolbars.

Wireless status indicators

The Amazon Whispernet service wirelessly delivers content to your Kindle whenever and
wherever you want it. Your Kindle can connect to Whispernet via its built-in Wi-Fi capability;
some models also include free 3G wireless connectivity to Whispernet. The more bars on the
Wi-Fi or 3G status indicator that are filled, the stronger the signal.

Your Kindle is connected to Whispernet using Wi-Fi.

Your Kindle is connected to Whispernet using a 3G cellular network. Alternatively, you may

see an icon for an EDGE or GPRS network next to the signal-strength bars. (Applies only to
Kindle 3G.)

Battery status indicator

The Kindle battery indicator shows the various states of the battery as it discharges. Note that

a weak wireless signal can increase power consumption.

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