Chapter 3 reading kindle documents, Understanding kindle touch display technology, Customizing your text display – Kindle Touch 3G User Manual

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Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents

Chapter 3
Reading Kindle Documents

Understanding Kindle Touch display technology

Your Kindle uses a high-resolution display technology called electronic ink (E Ink). The display
is reflective, which means you can read it clearly even in bright sunlight. E Ink uses ink just
like books and newspapers, but it displays the ink particles electronically.

A “flash” may appear when you turn pages. This is part of the process of updating the E
Ink. By default, your Kindle features fast, smooth page turns, minimizing the number of
flashes. To refresh the page with every page turn, from the Home screen tap the Menu
button and select Settings. Tap Reading Options and use the Page Refresh setting to set your

Customizing your text display

Your Kindle provides a quick way to adjust the appearance of books and periodicals. To access
those settings when reading, tap the top of the screen to bring up the toolbars, then tap
the Text button (Aa). A dialog box will appear that lets you change the font size, typeface,
line spacing, and margins of the content on the Kindle screen. The Publisher Font option is
available on select books that include the ability to view the fonts embedded by the publisher.

Comic and Manga books

Comic and Manga books now come alive with Kindle Panel View. To enter Kindle Panel View,
double tap the screen. To navigate through the panels, swipe your finger across the screen or
tap the sides of the screen. To exit Kindle Panel View, double tap the screen again.

Children’s books

Children’s books on your Kindle now feature Kindle Text Pop-Up to enhance the reading
experience. You can navigate between Text Pop-Up sections by swiping your finger across the
screen or tapping the sides of the screen. Select children’s books support Kindle Text Pop-
Up and will automatically open in this view. To exit Text Pop-Up and return to normal reading,
double tap the screen.

Zooming images

You can increase the size of an image in a Kindle book for easier viewing. Press and hold your
finger on the image and then release to display a magnifying-glass icon, and then tap on the
icon. To return the image to normal size, tap on the image again.

Panning tables

To pan a table, press and hold your finger on the table to display a panning icon. Tap the
icon, then drag your finger across the screen in the direction you want to pan. You can select
text in a table by pressing and holding on the text, and then dragging your finger across the
screen to select it. A dialog box will appear with options to highlight the text, add a note, and
share. To exit this mode, tap the Done button.

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