Kindle Touch 3G User Manual

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Kindle User’s Guide


Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents

The Reading Progress feature uses a unique algorithm to estimate the amount of time it will
take you to complete the chapter or book based on your past and current reading speed.
Your specific reading speed is stored only on your Kindle; it is not stored on Amazon servers.
When reading, select Reading Progress from the menu, then choose a display option.
Options include Location in book, Time left in chapter, and Time left in book.

Many Kindle books also contain page numbers that correspond to the real page numbers in
an actual print book. To view the page number of the book you’re reading, tap the top of the
screen to display the toolbars. The current location, page number, total number of pages, and
percentage of content read are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The reading time left
will also display at the bottom of the screen.

Audiobooks have a progress bar, located in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, which
indicates the progress within chapters, furthest time read, and total time for the book. They also
include the ability to return to the last position heard in the book and to jump forward or back in
30-second increments from your current position.

On the Home screen, dots below the book title indicate how long the book is, with bold dots
showing how far you have read.

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