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Kindle User’s Guide


Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents

Notes will appear as superscripted numbers within the text. To view a note the next time
you visit that page, simply tap on the number. If several other Kindle users have highlighted a
particular passage in the book you are reading, you will see that passage underlined. To turn
off these highlights, select Settings from the Home screen menu, then tap Reading Options
and change the Popular Highlights setting. You can also display highlights and notes from
people that you follow on


. To turn off this option, select Settings

from the Home screen menu, tap Reading Options, and change the Public Notes setting. The
Public Notes feature is not supported in all countries.

Bookmarks: Amazon’s Whispersync technology automatically saves your place in whatever
content you are reading. To add a bookmark, select Add Bookmark from the menu or simply
tap in the upper right corner of a page. The top right corner of the page will appear folded
down. To delete a bookmark, tap in the upper right corner again or select Delete Bookmark
from the Menu.

Highlights, notes, and bookmarks are added to a file on the Home screen called My Clippings.
To manage them for a specific book, tap the Menu button and select View Notes & Marks.
When Annotations Backup is set to On, these items are stored in the Cloud for you so they
won’t be lost.

X-Ray: The X-Ray feature lets you explore the “bones” of a book with a single tap. For
example, you can see all of the passages in a book that mention specific ideas, fictional
characters, historical figures, and places or topics that interest them. Note that X-Ray is not
available for all Kindle books.

When you’re reading a book, tap the top of the screen to display the toolbars. The secondary
toolbar contains an X-Ray button. If X-Ray is not available for a book, the button will be
disabled or the Sync button will display. X-Ray scans your entire book for characters, historical
figures, and terms. It can also provide detailed information from Wikipedia and Shelfari,
Amazon’s community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers. To find out if a book has X-Ray,
look for X-Ray Enabled in the Kindle Store description of the book. X-Ray is not available in all


Your Kindle can read aloud your books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and personal
documents using Text-to-Speech. This feature is available only for English content, and where
allowed by the rights holder.

To turn on Text-to-Speech, tap Menu from within the content, and then tap Turn On Text-to-
Speech. While Text-to-Speech is playing, your Kindle Touch will turn the pages automatically
so you can follow along in the text. You can choose to hear your content spoken with a male
or female voice, and you can further optimize your listening experience by slowing down or
increasing the rate of speech. You can either listen through your Kindle’s speakers or plug
earphones into the headphone jack.

Viewing reading progress

Your Kindle Touch includes several metrics that allow you to view your reading progress and
location within a book, including location numbers, time left in chapter, time left in book,
percentage of content read, and actual page numbers. (Not all Kindle books include page

Because Kindle books can be read on devices with different screen sizes, locations identify
specific places in a book, just like a page number would for a print book. Location numbers
allow you to direct a friend to the exact same place in a Kindle book you are reading.

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