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Chapter 2 Acquiring & Managing Kindle Content

By default, your content is sorted by Recent, meaning that new items and the content you’re
currently reading are at the top. You can change the sort option by tapping on the name of
the existing sort order in the header to display other available sort options. You can also sort
items that you have stored in the Cloud.

To filter your content by type, on the Home screen tap My Items, located under the toolbar.
Filtering options include All Items, Books, Periodicals, Audible, Docs, and Active Content. You
can also filter items that you have stored in the Cloud.

To jump to a specific title or page, go to the Home screen and tap the page number control.
For example, 1/2 indicates you are on page 1 and have 2 pages of content on your Kindle.
When the dialog box appears, enter the page number you want to go to or the first letter of
the title or author (depending upon your current sort option).

To view more information about an item and access a menu of applicable options, go to the
Home screen and press and hold on the item’s artwork (or name if using List view). Menu
options vary, but may include Add to Collection, Go To..., Book Description, Search This Book,
View Notes & Marks, and Remove from Device. For audiobooks, options include Resume
Playing, Play From Beginning, and Delete This Audiobook.

Using collections

If you store a lot of content on your Kindle, you can create collections for easier access. You
can add as many items as you like to each collection, including books, audiobooks, active
content, and personal documents. Items can also be added to more than one collection. Your
Kindle Touch will sort your Home screen content by collections after you create your first

To create a new collection:

1. On the Home screen, tap the Menu button.

2. Select Create New Collection.

3. Use the keyboard to type a name for the collection, and then tap OK. A list of the items on

your Kindle that can be added to a collection displays. Note that periodicals and blogs cannot
be put into collections.

4. Tap the checkbox next to an item’s title to add it to the collection, and tap Done when finished.

You can add or remove items at a later time by tapping on the Menu button when in a
collection and selecting Add/Remove Items. Other options include Rename Collection and
Delete Collection. Note that deleting a collection from your Kindle Touch does not remove the
content stored on your device. Items previously placed into the collection that are stored on
your Kindle Touch will appear on the Home screen after the collection is deleted.

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