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Kindle User’s Guide


Chapter 2 Acquiring & Managing Kindle Content

Device and Cloud storage

Content that is not downloaded to your device is securely stored and available in the Cloud
(previously referred to as Archived Items). This includes copies of all your books, along with
recent issues of newspapers and magazines. To view your Cloud content, tap Cloud in the top
left of the Home screen. Your personal documents are also saved in the Cloud if they have
been e-mailed to your Kindle and if you have enabled archiving on the Manage Your Kindle

To view content stored on your Kindle, tap Device. If you are preparing to go offline, toggle to
Cloud and download to your Kindle any content that you want to have available when offline.

If you wish to download content that you have in the Cloud, tap Cloud on the Home screen,
and then choose the item(s) you want to restore to your Kindle. You can cancel a download by
tapping on the item’s title. Once you have downloaded an item, you can either open it from
the Home screen or directly from the Cloud. Use this same method to download previously
purchased content to a new Kindle device.

The Manage Your Kindle page (accessible from offers a handy way
to view and manage your Kindle content, settings, and account using a web browser.

Removing items from your Kindle

To free up space on your Kindle, you can remove items by pressing and holding the item’s
name or cover on the Home screen. When the dialog box appears, tap Remove from Device.
This option will vary depending upon the content. Your content will remain stored securely in
the Cloud for download at a later time.

Your personal documents are saved in the Cloud if they have been e-mailed to your Kindle
and if you have enabled Personal Document Archiving on the Manage Your Kindle page,
accessible from Note that files transferred to your Kindle using the
USB cable will be permanently deleted. For information on personal document management,

Carrying and reading personal documents


Periodicals: Older issues of newspapers and magazines are stored on the Home screen in a
collection titled “Periodicals: Back Issues.” Issues that are more than seven issues old will be
automatically deleted to free up space for new content. “Expiring” next to an issue indicates
that it will be deleted soon.

There are two ways to keep a copy of an issue:

• On the Home screen, press and hold on the name or cover of the issue you wish to keep.

Select Keep This Issue from the options.

• From within the issue, tap the Menu button, and select Keep This Issue.

Managing your Kindle Library

Your Kindle Touch can store thousands of digital books, personal documents, newspapers,
blogs, magazines, audiobooks, and active content, which are referred to collectively as
“content” throughout this guide. To display a list of content on your Kindle Touch, press the
Home button. To view how much free space you have available for storing content, from the
Home screen tap the Menu button, and select Settings. On the Settings page, tap the Menu
button and select Device Info.

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