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Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System 8-Slot Line Card Chassis Site Planning Guide


Chapter 2 Power and Cooling

AC Power Systems

Modular Configuration AC Power Requirements

A modular configuration AC-powered LCC contains two AC power shelves and up to three AC PMs per
power shelf.

In addition to the requirements in the

“General Power and Grounding Requirements” section on

page 2-2

, AC input power requirements are as follows:

An AC-powered chassis requires up to a maximum of 9,800 watts of AC input power when the
chassis is fully loaded.

Two separate and independent AC power sources are required, one for each power shelf. Each power
shelf should be connected to a different power source to provide 2N power redundancy in case a
power source fails.

Each AC power source must provide single-phase AC power, and have its own circuit breaker.

The AC power receptacles used to plug in the chassis must be the grounding type. The grounding
conductors that connect to the receptacles should connect to protective earth ground at the service

AC single-phase input:

Single-phase, 200 to 240 VAC nominal, 50 to 60 Hz, 16 A International and 20 A North

Each AC power shelf contains three IEC-320-C22 receptacles which can accept up to three
IEC-320-C21 connector female plugs, depending on how many AC PMs are installed in the

Unlike the fixed configuration AC power system, which requires 3-phase AC Delta or AC Wye input
power, the modular configuration AC power system requires single-phase AC input power. If you
have 3-phase AC Delta or AC Wye at your equipment, a Cisco CRS 3-phase AC PDU will be
required to convert 3-phase AC input power to single-phase AC input power for the power shelf. For
further information, refer to Cisco CRS 3-Phase AC Power Distribution Unit Installation Guide.


If you have a Cisco CRS 3-phase AC PDU installed, three AC PMs are required to be installed in each
modular configuration AC power shelf to maintain a balanced 3-phase power load.

For detailed modular configuration AC power specifications, see the

“Line Card Chassis Specifications”

section on page 3-1


Modular Configuration AC Power Shelf Wiring

The modular configuration AC power shelf is shipped with AC power cords. Each modular configuration
AC power shelf accepts up to three power cords. Each AC power cord has a different plug type,
depending on locale. AC power cords are available for the following locales:

North America


United Kingdom