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Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System 8-Slot Line Card Chassis Site Planning Guide


Chapter 4 Site Planning Considerations

Tools Required for Installation

In addition, make sure that the installation site meets the following access requirements:

At least 48 inches (122 cm) of clearance exists between rows of equipment racks. This space is
needed to access components in the chassis. Additional clearance may be necessary for installation.

Enough room exists for the system console terminal, and that the console cable is long enough to
reach the routing system from the terminal.

Fan tray exhaust vents are not blocked, and airflow at the bottom of the chassis is not blocked.

When planning the site, you should think about potential expansion of the system. Consider the

Equipment rack space for additional chassis

Power and cooling requirements for additional chassis

Cable management for routing system cables

Tools Required for Installation

The following tools are required to install the Cisco CRS 8-Slot LCC:

Safety hand truck, pallet jack, or forklift to move the equipment to the installation site. Make sure
that the device is capable of preventing the router from tipping. For example, you could use a safety
hand truck with retractable safety leg wheels and a security strap, such as the Stevens Appliance
Truck Company “Escort,” Model STEV SRT-M-66 (distributed by McMaster-Carr as Model
2654T6) or an equivalent safety hand truck.

Scissor lift or similar lifting device to position the chassis in the rack and hold the chassis in place
while you bolt it to the rack.

Electric screwdriver or cordless drill (optional, but helpful)

5/32-inch insert bit that fits a 1/4-inch drive extension (preferably magnetic, and one that fits in a
cordless drill)

1/4-inch drive socket

1/4-inch drive extension and 1/4-inch drive flexible extension, length of 6 inches (15.24 cm)

Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3 Phillips screwdrivers

7-mm wrench or 7-mm nut driver or socket (if unavailable, use 9/32-inch standard tools)

8-mm wrench

10-mm wrench

Crescent wrench

5/16-inch socket wrench

M6 hex socket screwdriver

Large and small socket wrenches

Allen wrench

Large, medium, and small flat-blade screwdrivers

Torque wrench with 10-mm 6 pt. socket and rated accuracy at 30 in.-lb (3.39 N-m)

Torque wrench with 10-mm 6 pt. socket and rated accuracy at 20 in.-lb (2.26 N-m)

Torque screwdriver with number 1 Phillips bit and rated accuracy at 5.5 in-lb (0.62 N-m)

ESD-preventive wrist strap

Antistatic mat