Noise control, Cisco installation services, System testing, certification, and warranties – Cisco CRS-1 User Manual

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Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System 8-Slot Line Card Chassis Site Planning Guide


Chapter 4 Site Planning Considerations

Noise Control

Noise Control

A routing system can generate large amounts of fan noise. The 8-slot LCC has some built-in noise
reduction, such as fan speed control. If the routing system is installed in an environment where excessive
noise could be harmful to personnel, some other noise reduction options could be attempted. Passive
noise reduction could include the installation of foam panels to insulate the surrounding area from the

Additional noise-reduction measures have to be designed on an individual site basis.

Cisco Installation Services

Cisco or a Cisco partner can provide a complete installation, from planning to power up. For information
about Cisco or Cisco partner installation services, consult Cisco Customer Advocacy.

System Testing, Certification, and Warranties

After the routing system has been installed, it must be tested and certified. Consult Cisco Customer
Advocacy for information about testing, certification, and warranties.