Dimensions of the 8-slot line card chassis, Front and rear clearances – Cisco CRS-1 User Manual

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Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System 8-Slot Line Card Chassis Site Planning Guide


Chapter 4 Site Planning Considerations

Aisle Spacing and Maintenance Access Floor Plan

Figure 4-2

Typical Cisco CRS 8-Slot Line Card Chassis Floor Plan

Dimensions of the 8-Slot Line Card Chassis

The dimensions for the Cisco CRS 8-slot LCC are:

Chassis depth (including front grille and optional front cover): 40.5 in. (102.9 cm)

Chassis height: 38.5 in. (97.8 cm)

Chassis width: 17.5 in. (44.5 cm).

Front and Rear Clearances

The site requires the following front and rear clearances for chassis installation and maintenance access:

To install the chassis in the equipment rack: approximately 40 inches (101.6cm)

To service components and allow system airflow (both in front of and behind the chassis): 36 inches
(91.4 cm)


Maintain at least 6 inches (15.2 cm) of clearance at both the inlet and exhaust openings on the
chassis and on the power modules to allow sufficient airflow.


Service access

area: in front

of chassis

Service access

area: behind rear

of chassis

Cisco CRS 8-slot

line card chassis

112.5 in.

(285.67 cm)

40.5 in.

(102.87 cm)

36 in.

(91.4 cm)

36 in.

(91.4 cm)