Power and cooling requirements, System console, Cable management – Cisco CRS-1 User Manual

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Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System 8-Slot Line Card Chassis Site Planning Guide


Chapter 4 Site Planning Considerations

Power and Cooling Requirements

Power and Cooling Requirements


Chapter 2, “Power and Cooling,”

for information about the power and cooling systems on the 8-slot

chassis and for information about the power and cooling requirements at the installation site.

System Console

A system console is required to configure the routing system for operation. As you plan your site
facilities, make sure that the site has enough room for a system console and the console cable is long
enough to reach the routing system.


The console port does not support modem control or hardware flow control. The port
requires a straight-through EIA/TIA-232 cable.

Cable Management

As the size of the routing system increases, the cabling required for the chassis increases. For example,
a fully loaded 8-slot line card chassis has more cables connected to it than a partially loaded chassis. The
cabling runs must be carefully planned. The basic configurations for various routing systems should be
arranged to minimize the complexity and length of the cable runs. Precut and terminated cables are
considered part of the basic configuration.

CONSOLE or AUX RJ-45 RS-232 serial ports on the route processor cards for terminal connections

Ethernet ports on the route processor cards for connecting network management equipment

Modular service cards (MSCs) and physical layer interface modules (PLIMs) for data connections

The cable-management bracket is for organizing these interface cables to keep the front of the chassis
clear and to eliminate sharp bends in the cables.


Excessive bending can damage interface cables.

The cable-management bracket has a special telescoping feature that allows the bracket to be extended
when the chassis is upgraded with higher-density cards. This extension feature also helps in installing
the cables in the chassis.


Do not install the front cover on the chassis when the telescoping feature is in use.